Soul Mastery Journey with Julia Lewis

Unleash the Mastery You Were Born With

Do you feel you have a higher calling?

Do you wonder: Why am I here? What am I meant to do? Who am I really?

Do you feel like you have a missing piece? Feel lost? Feel urgency to do your life’s work?

Do you have a deep sense that you are meant to help create a new and better world with your unique gifts and talents? Maybe you see a clear path forward or you haven’t quite figured it out yet. Either way, your Soul can guide you.

Inner peace is rarely possible without honoring the truth of your calling.

Are you ready to discover your Soul Mastery Skillset, and if there's anything preventing you from fully using your skills, talents, and tools you were born with when you came into this body?

I invite you to step into the bullseye of your own Soul’s Mastery.

Everyone has a light within.

You live in a world of duality: Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Good Guys and Bad Guys. The fastest way to derail and disempower a Soul in their life’s mission is to separate it from its light source.

The first jewel in the Soul Mastery Journey is the most important part of your mastery foundation – to be fully fueled on your journey. Anything that blocks your connection to the light is preventing you from accessing your Soul’s Mastery.

Your Truth is like the North Star, guiding you in your life choices to support your Soul’s mission.

There is a saying “Truth will set you free.” This is very true when it comes to the way Your Truth will free you from all of the distractions and detours along your journey to fulfill your destiny.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Your Truth is like a homing beacon that keeps reminding you of what you are here to do and who you really are.

Being in alignment with Your Truth makes it easier to hear your Soul whispering instructions on how to achieve your journey.

Everyone has a holographic light body. It is nourished by the Light of the Creator.

The same light that fills your tank and fuels your connection with your Soul.

You can find peace where there is conflict, strength where there is weakness and hope where there is hopelessness. You can feel more inspired and confident. And you can feel more connected to your life’s purpose and your Soul’s Mission.

Now is your opportunity to pull back the curtains blocking the Light that supports your Soul’s mission.

Each incarnation gives it a new role to play. Your Soul can use skills it already mastered or master some new ones.

After treating the energetic roadblocks and obstacles to your Soul Mastery, you are able to access and use these tools in your daily life as needed.

There is a very good chance that you have equally powerful Soul Mastery Skillset of talents and tools. You too may have some obstacles to overcome in order to use them.

The fourth jewel in your Soul Mastery Journey has three parts. First it reveals the masteries your Soul chose to bring along to accomplish its Mission. Next, it identifies the obstacles blocking your use of your masteries. Finally, these obstacles are removed so you regain full access to them.

Things that happen randomly and naturally seem to come out of nowhere. What if everything that has ever happened to you was a form of a blessing?

One of your greatest blessings is your spiritual lineage. Your spiritual lineage is a team specific to you. It is there to blow like the wind through your hair to help guide you gently along in your journey of your Soul's mission. Your spiritual lineage is all around you and is looking out for you. The better the connection you have to your spiritual lineage, the more aware of your blessings you will become.

You have a choice of being super grateful or super resentful. Which vibration do you prefer to be? The experience is happening any way.

Success is better achieved by the awakening, and remembering who you are and why you're here.

The purpose of this work is to empower you and the army of light that has incarnated at this opportune time. The Soul Mastery Journey reveals important information about you. Your personal analysis uncovers the Mastery Skillset your Soul brought in for this mission and if there are any energetic blockages preventing you from using these skills.

Once these masteries are restored, the most powerful tool you can ever have in your toolbox is to be fully connected to your Spiritual Lineage and activated with them to achieve your Spiritual Sovereignty.

Do you feel like time is of the essence and it is time to focus on your Spiritual path?

Do you want to better understand the challenges, roadblocks, obstacles that have prevented you from making the kind of impact you feel you are here to make?

Are you ready to remove all of the obstacles preventing you from using the abilities your Soul has already mastered, so you can accomplish your current mission.

You are a master of energetic communication.

Your Soul and the Divine are whispering to each other all the time. Recognizing this and removing the obstacles to this communication enriches your experience and impact in the world.

You are not alone.

If you are interested in exploring your own Soul Mastery I invite you to reach out.